Private Jet Charter

With global access to aircrafts, ATAJ will source the best aircraft suited to flight duration, trip and your unique requirements.

For our corporate companies and individuals who chose this time saving convenience we ensure that their experience booking their travel with us is simple.

We make sure your expectation of flexibility and luxury travel is surpassed. Enhance your productivity by securely working with your colleagues reducing travel stress and downtime. Choose the departure time that suits you and land at the closest airport to your meeting, minimising your transit time.

We will arrange for you the most efficient and comfortable way to fulfill your strict schedules while arriving refreshed for your meetings.

Private Jet Charter for Business

Private Jet Charter for Leisure

Private jet hire for leisure purposes allows yourself, your family and friends to travel in luxury, comfort and privacy.

Whether it’s a short trip for a weekend skiing or a two-week holiday in the Caribbean, we’ll help you choose from a variety of popular private planes to get you and your loved ones to your destination in comfort and with minimal fuss.

Have access to private terminals avoiding the hustle of busy airports and long queues going through security. Arrive relaxed and rested so that you can enjoy your holiday or next adventure.

Enjoy seamless travel with maximum efficiency to spend more time at your chosen destination rather than wasting time getting to it.

Aircraft Management for Owners

We understand that owning, operating and maintaining a private jet can be a challenge. ATAJ aims to make the experience pleasant taking care of the details while you enjoy the benefits!

Aircraft Purchase for New Clients

ATAJ will guide you through the process of researching for the aircraft type that fits your needs, locate the aircraft and manage the purchase for you.