Aircraft Purchase for New Clients

ATAJ will guide you through the process of researching for the aircraft type that fits your needs,

locate the aircraft and manage the purchase for you.

• Purpose

• Personal or Commercial use

• How many people

• Performance (ie range)

• Operational economics

• Aquisition Budget

• Tax strategy

Buyer chooses the aircraft

Other Services Include

• Aircraft sourcing and identification

• Price evaluation and negotiation

• LOI signed

• Deposit paid

• Pre-purchase Inspection

• Acceptance of aircraft

• Due dilligence on operating the aircraft

• Closing and delivery

Aircraft Management for Owners

We understand that owning, operating and maintaining a private jet can be a challenge. ATAJ aims to make the experience pleasant taking care of the details while you enjoy the benefits!

Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter for Bussiness

Private Jet Charter for Leisure