Aircraft Management For Owners

We understand that owning, operating and maintaining a private jet can be a challenge.

ATAJ aims to make the experience pleasant taking care of the details while you enjoy the benefits!

Generate Revenue by utilizing unused time of the aircraft, while maintaining the operations of the aircraft. Take advantage of our commercial network and maximize your aircraft’s potential by operating reveue through private charter.

• As an owner you maintain full possession of your asset as well as operational control.

• Your schedule remains the priority

• You determine the charter rate

• You have sole discretion to accept or decline a charter flight

Charter Aircraft Management

Turnkey Management

ATAJ will provide its expertise in aircraft management as well as operational control to help you own an aircraft without worrying about the day-to-day activities required to maintain the aircraft.

Services include:

•Technical services

•Crew management

•Aircraft’s security

•Aircraft’s financial management

•Chartering the aircraft when not in use by owner

Aircraft Purchase for New Clients

ATAJ will guide you through the process of researching for the aircraft type that fits your needs, locate the aircraft and manage the purchase for you.

Private Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter for Bussiness

Private Jet Charter for Leisure