AllTime Aviation specialises in Commercial Aviation offering diverse solutions to the air transport Industry.  We have developed our image and gained our reputation over the years in the larger Commercial Jet market.   
The increased demand for private travel and the trust our clients placed with us has driven us to launch AllTime Private Jets, an on-demand air charter provider specialised In private jet and turboprop charters.      
Passenger demands maybe similar, but we recognise that the expectation and perception of a business jet owner and corporate traveller are different.  
AllTime Private Jets will have a dedicated commercial team to cater to your every need when flying VIP.   Private Charter gives you the freedom to determine your schedule, destination, luxurious setting and the menu you crave.  Time saving is critical with increased commitments and efficient travel important to maximise time with your family.  


In a market where speed is everything AllTime Private Jets introduces the fastest aircraft in civilian aviation, the Citation X!     

With a top speed of 1,127 km/hr and with the ability to travel up to 6,407 km it is the perfect aircraft to get you fresh to your business meeting in unparalleled comfort.     

Travelling at near supersonic speed with the Citation X you spend more time at your destination rather than travelling to it especially when on Holiday.  With a whopping 82ft of hold storage it gives you plenty of room for the most extravagant trips.  The baggage compartment easily fits 6 large suitcases and 6 hand luggage size backpacks as well as 6 pair of skies. 

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Travel safer by reducing your exposure to health and security risks. Private terminals – arrive only 30 min before your flight and relax without the hustle and bustle of commercial airline terminals.


Private charters have become more affordable in recent years bringing them closer than ever to the rates of first class and business class tickets on commercial carriers.  
If you are a frequent flyer with at least 150 flight hours a year you can enjoy cost savings over time with private travel rather than regularly flying in premium cabins.


Commercial passengers spend around 90 minutes at airports for domestic flights and up to three hours for international flights – and that is just for a one-way trip!
With private jet travel you can arrive at the terminal 30 minutes before departure and complete travel procedures like immigration, customs and boarding in mere minutes.   


Private travel offers unmatched privacy, which makes it the preferred way of travel for many athletes, celebrities, government figures and other prominent personalities. 
From the private terminal to the aircraft, passengers can rest assured that their privacy is respected and protected.
Keep working while traveling, having the space and peace of mind in a secure environment.